Blog Hop: Characters Come to Life

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Have you ever found yourself acting like a favorite character in a novel? If so, which one?

There are certainly some favorite characters in novels (and movies) that I think I have a resemblance too, or share some traits with.  Practically every woman I know feels an affinity with Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which really just tells you that I know a lot of readers!  I think most of us, including me, relate to Hermione a lot too.

One book character I am particularly fond of and feel more like as I get older is Morwen from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.  She likes order and neatness, loves cats, and spends an entire scene of one book packing practical things along for a quest, like sandwiches and blankets.  That would definitely be me.  I don’t care if the wizards stole an enchanted sword and we have to find them to save the magic kingdom, I’m not going without plans for regular meals!

Of the heroines in my novels, I’m certainly the most like Lyra (or should I say she’s the one most like me?) as she loves stories and storytelling.  I’m least like Karina, a fierce fighter who trusts no one…which is probably just as well for me!  Book and travel-loving Julie, and decisive, managing Catherine share a few traits with me as well.

Do you find yourself having things in common with book characters, or behaving the way they might?

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Characters Come to Life

  1. I would have said no, and why would anybody identify with Belle – but then I’ve never read the story. But I did – and do – identify with Hermione. She’s just wise enough to check her facts. 🙂

  2. dianem57

    I read a lot of “women’s stories” (not romance novels, but about families and couples). I think often that I would NOT do the things the characters in those stories do, but then, if they all behaved in a way as mundane as my life is, there wouldn’t BE a story. 🙂

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