Blog Hop: Books for Low Days


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  What is a book that has helped you get through your lowest point in life?

I don’t know that I can point to any one book at any one moment in life helping me…but I do know that Terry Pratchett books are especially good if life is blue or stressful.  I also like rereading L. M. Montgomery’s journals.  I find biographies in general are often good for perspective, because they remind me how long and variable life actually is.  Right now, during rather a strange and anxious time in the world, I’m on my second Star Trek novel, because I appreciate a hopeful book at the moment.

I was fortunate to read When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner when I wasn’t going through a particularly bad time, but I think it would be a very good book for that kind of crisis.

What books have helped you in bad days?  Do you have go-to authors for difficult times?

One thought on “Blog Hop: Books for Low Days

  1. I don’t have a particular “comfort” book or series, but when I am in a difficult time, I like to read escapist books, whether they be about travel to foreign places, romance novels, humorous novels, or biographies about my favorite famous people.

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