Visit My Bookshelves: Star Trek Edition

I recently gave a tour of my L. M. Montgomery collection, and today I thought I’d invite you to visit another shelf.  I don’t discuss Star Trek as often, but I do have almost as many books!  Check out the video below for some comments on my favorites.  For my Trek fan readers, I’d love to hear about your favorite books too!

4 thoughts on “Visit My Bookshelves: Star Trek Edition

  1. Fun. You should fill up McCoy with salt because he his all salt. Ha.

    I’m the same as you… used to have a bunch of Trek books, but got rid of ’em, deciding to keep only the ones that were really good. I like a good Trek book, but it so hard to find one; and there are some bad ones out there. My favorite Trek author is Una McCormack. Especially her Cardiassian and Garak-centered books… I love Cardassians and she just gets them. One I’d really recommend is The Never-Ending Sacrifice. It’s based on this one Cardassian war orphan who was in a Deep Space Nine episode and then never heard from again. I also like A Stitch in Time, a book about Garak by the man himself, Andrew Robinson. Like I said, I love Cardassians, I love Garak, so learning more and reading more about them appeals to me very much.

    And of course I remember your Star Trek fan fiction. 🙂 I always loved it because you got the characters. You know them so well. That’s what I look for in a Star Trek book… someone who knows the characters’ voices.

    1. The salt vampire would really be after him then… 😉 Thanks for the book recommendations! I really enjoy the Cardassians, so those sound like an interesting angle on the Trek universe. Aww, and thanks for the good words on my long ago fanfiction – good character voices is what I look for too!

    1. McCoy was actually paired with Uhura…I’m not sure why! I have the Uhura one in a box somewhere. I have nothing against her, but she isn’t quite the same level as the others…

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