Blog Hop: Off to the Bookseller’s


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  Do you visit indie and/or used bookstores? Also, have you ever worked in any?

Well, I’m not visiting stores right now because: pandemic, but in general I love a used bookstore.  I used to live in San Francisco, and one of my favorite places was Green Apple Bookstore.  I actually prefer used bookstores to stores selling new books – I like old books in general, and it feels more like a treasure hunt.  You never know when you’ll find some amazing old copy of something.  I also seem to find books I want to buy more often in used bookstores…maybe because I tend to be more interested in picking up old favorites than buying whatever is new and just-published.

I have never worked in a bookstore, though there have definitely been times in my life when I thought that would be a great job.  I don’t enjoy working retail, though, so I don’t know if the fact that it was retail books would actually outweigh the other disadvantages…  I’m currently part of an anthology about magic bookstores that will be out later this year, but that’s the closest experience I’ve had to working in bookstores, and it’s fictional!

4 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Off to the Bookseller’s

  1. I do love used/indie bookstores, but I love the chain stores as well. There are precious too few brick and mortar stores, so I support them all.

    We have a nice Half Price Books here close that I’ve been to sing it reopened, but I have yet to get myself out to the small town used bookstore where there is a bunch of science fiction and fantasy since they reopened.. Need to do that.

    I worked at a Waldenbooks mall bookstore when I lived in Tulsa, several decades back. One of the most fun jobs I have ever had. I loved shelving books, and recommending books to people, and selling books.

  2. dianem57

    I like used bookstores, too. There was a very large one in a small town outside my city that I used to like to visit. And when I’m traveling it’s nice to find bookstores like that, to browse in. I’ve never worked in a bookstore, but I did work in a library during college. I shelved books in the children’s room. It was one of my best jobs. 🙂

  3. *Flora*

    I have worked in retail but never a bookshop. Lockdown has meant that I’ve done more online shopping than before but luckily lots of enterprising indie booksellers have expanded the online side of their business during the last few months which means that I can still support them. I do miss the smell though. 😉
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Cheryl.

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