Video Review: Love Never Dies

Accompaniment, the next book in my Guardian of the Opera trilogy, will be out in less than two weeks!  It’s put me in a Phantom mood, so I rewatched Webber’s sequel: Love Never Dies.

I first saw this movie (filmed play, actually) as a Fathom event in theaters eight years ago.  It wasn’t good, for many reasons.  I didn’t really expect it to be better on a rewatch, but I was curious what my impressions would be all this time later.

It still wasn’t good.  But I did have a lot of feelings about it.  So naturally I made a video review!

This video is about fifteen minutes, but if you really want a full, scene-by-scene analysis (with more ranting!) I also made a 35-minute video.  As I said, I had a lot of feelings.

Anyone else seen Love Never Dies?  Or have a movie you love to hate? 🙂

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