Blog Hop: Signed Editions


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Have you ever gotten a book signed by the author?

I’m fortunate to know several great authors personally, and so I have an entire shelf of books signed by them: K. D. Blakely, R. A. Gates, Kelly Haworth, Elizabeth Garner, Dennis Mahoney, A. G. Stewart and Magnus Victor.  I’ve been to two book readings where I got a book signed – a little surprising that it hasn’t been more, actually!  I got signed copies of The Art Lesson by Tomie de Paola, and Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  Two very different authors and books!

I have also bought a couple of signed books, without meeting the authors.  I have a copy of Beauty signed by Robin McKinley, and Terrier signed by Tamora Pierce.  I’d love signed copies of books (any books) by L. M. Montgomery (way, way too expensive) or J. M. Barrie (surprisingly less expensive, but pricey) but haven’t made that happen!

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Signed Editions

  1. I wonder if the sale price for a signed book ebbs and flows with the popularity of the particular author. That must be true on some level, but I wonder if, as the book gets older and there may be less copies (signed or otherwise) available, it would raise the price. It seems to me it could be true for well-respected, literary authors like Barrie or Montgomery, anyway.

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