Blog Hop: Words or Pictures?


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Are you more likely to choose to read a book based on the synopsis, or the cover?

Definitely the synopsis!  I’ve seen some very bad covers on very good books.  Plus, I feel like there’s a trend recently for abstract covers, using symbols or even geometric shapes, which tell you next to nothing about the story.  I usually pick up a book because I’m hooked by something interesting in the premise, and it’s hard to convey “here’s a clever concept” in a cover!  I won’t say I never judge a book by its cover, but the synopsis counts for much more with me.

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Words or Pictures?

  1. Agree. The cover might at most attract my attention, but unless the synopsis is interesting, the cover by itself is never enough to make me read the book. It’s too easy to put a good cover on a not-so-good book.

  2. I like a clever or intriguing cover, but I, too, pick my books based on the synopsis. I also will often check the Amazon or Goodreads reviews, just to get a sense of how popular a book is, though that does not always guarantee that I’ll like it. It’s a factor. I like to see what others think about a book I’m not sure I’d like. And most reviews are careful about avoiding spoilers, which I appreciate.

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