Video Review: ABCs of Animals and D&D

I have a new video review for today, of two picture books I’ve been reading to my baby.  One is Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish? by Sarah Asper-Smith, an ABC book of animals and the groups they gather in.  The second is The ABCs of D&D by Ivan Van Norman and Caleb Cleveland, a very fun one for Dungeon & Dragon fans, and fantasy fans too.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Video Review: ABCs of Animals and D&D

  1. Those both look like new, different picture books from the old reliable classics (which are also good, too, of course). The pictures in the first book seem to me to appeal more to adults than to children, but the adult reader can certainly talk about each one with the child who is listening to make it more interesting for them. I wouldn’t have thought about reading the second book until I saw your review. I’m not a D&D player so I would have thought it was too specific to the game. But it looks like it’s more generally about the fantasy genre and that makes it more appealing.

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