Video Review: Anne of Green Gables

Regular readers know that L. M. Montgomery is my favorite author – and you may also know that her most famous book is Anne of Green Gables, which tends to have better name recognition than she does! I’ve been rereading the Anne series, and have started video reviews of each book, starting with the first and most famous.

Anne of Green Gables isn’t my top favorite, but it’s a good book and a good place to start with Montgomery.  In my review, I discuss the characters, including why I think Marilla is more important than is often recognized, make some connections to Montgomery’s own life, and show my faux first edition.  Enjoy watching!

One thought on “Video Review: Anne of Green Gables

  1. Interesting to hear that Anne grows up so much in the book. That’s not the general impression of the character that most people have, as you point out. So it’s not just a story of the high jinx of a young girl. I also didn’t know that L.M. Montgomery didn’t plan a series with the story. Makes sense, but because it turned into a series, I assumed that was her intention all along.

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