Video Review: Little Blue Truck Series (Part Two)

A few months ago I reviewed the Little Blue Truck series – a very popular collection in our house!  We’re still reading the series with my baby pretty much daily, and have expanded our collection.  This video reviews four more books in the series, including Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – currently timely, fun all year round, and one of the best in the series.

2 thoughts on “Video Review: Little Blue Truck Series (Part Two)

  1. The Little Blue Truck series is great. I hadn’t thought a lot about Toad’s entrepreneurial spirit and his great physical strength. LOL. The books I like the best are the Christmas one – because of the lights – and the “talking” book with the animal sounds. I like to say the sound myself (mimicking the animal sound) before pressing the button for the recorded animal sound. I don’t mind the beeping sound for Little Blue Truck as much as you do. All of the books are good for babies and kids too young to read themselves, but old enough to sit with an adult and start experiencing the joy of reading.

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