Imaginary Illustrations #1

“What is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations?'”
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

My books have lots and lots of conversations–but no pictures.  I’ve been thinking about more ways to share bits and pieces of my novels on my blog, so this is the first post of what I plan to be a series: sharing a quote, with a picture that captures the spirit of the words…or that just seemed like fun!  Think of them as the illustrations the book might have had.

This first one comes from The Wanderers, and from Jasper’s firm belief that a wandering adventurer needs rules to survive–so he has a numbered list.

Good Fairies

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Wanderers 8 - Small CopyIt’s not a contest…and there’s no limit to the number of copies available!

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Wanderers 8 - Small CopyWhen The Wanderers came out last November, I wanted to make sure it was available in as many formats as possible.  After a little over six months (and with most ebook sales coming from Amazon), I’ve decided to enroll The Wanderers in the Kindle Select program.  The cool thing is that it will let me spread The Wanderers to a few more places, and to offer discounts or special days where the ebook is free!

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Saturday Snapshot: Author Event

I had a fun event in my writing career recently…you may have heard 🙂 that I published a Young Adult fantasy novel.  I have a friend who’s a school librarian, and a few weeks ago she invited me to come to her school for an author event, speaking to the fourth and fifth grade classes.

This was slightly nerve-wracking, but they were a friendly audience!  I spoke a little about writing, read one of my favorite scenes from The Wanderers, and asked for questions.  And fortunately there were a lot of questions!  Many of them were along the lines of “where do you get your ideas,” which I hear is the number one question authors are asked…

I wish I had a photo from the event–but what I do have is a photo of the stack of books the kids ordered.  And that looks pretty cool too!

Wanderers Stack (1)Did any writers ever come to your (or your kids’) schools?  Who would you like to see for an author event?  When I was a kid, I would have been utterly over the moon to have Tamora Pierce come speak (still would be!)

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