The Storyteller and Her Sisters

Storyteller Cover 1 - SmallGenre: Young Adult Fantasy
Length: 290 pages
Publishing Date: October, 2014
Available as a paperback, Kindle or in an alternate ebook format

A story about twelve princesses who must dance every night with twelve princes…  Readers of The Wanderers will recognize some familiar characters, but this is a companion novel, not a sequel–so you can read either book first!

Back of the Book Description:

Maybe you’ve heard a tale about twelve princesses who danced their shoes to pieces. That was only part of our story.

Talya would tell you how dark and frightening the cursed forest and enchanted lake were. Vira would be too busy looking after us all to tell you many details, while Mina would try to give you every fact and figure (even though magic is rarely so logical). Each of my sisters would tell the story differently.

And Dastan—he’d write a ballad. Or maybe a love song.

As for me, I’m the storyteller, so I’m giving you my version. It’s about my sisters and me, our father, twelve princes and a cursed country—about a series of misguided champions, one even more misguided Fairy Godmother, and a great deal of dancing. It’s about twelve trapped princesses who decided to take control of the story.

I’m Lyra, the ninth princess, and this is how I tell the tale.

Start the tale by reading the first three chapters on GoodReads!


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