Novel News Galore

Wanderers Re-Issue Kindle - SmallLots of news about the novels today…

First, don’t forget The Storyteller and Her Sisters will be out this Friday. 😉

Second, I’ve released a second edition of The Wanderers.  The story is still the same, but I wanted to modify the cover slightly now that it’s first in a series (of two, but more hopefully to come).  I also added some Extras at the end: an interview, discussion questions, and a list of Jasper’s Rules.

So if you haven’t bought a copy, I like to think it’s now looking better than ever (but you can still get both on Amazon, so make sure you choose the new one!)  And if you have bought a copy, you can find all the Extras under the Novel News tab anyway…and you can tell people you own a first edition. 🙂 (And may I also add, if you’ve read it and enjoyed it, I would so appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads!)

Third, more good news if you’re thinking you’d like a Kindle copy of The Wanderers–it’s free today!  That is, October 5th.  But if you’re reading this on the 6th, don’t worry.  It’ll be free again next weekend, to celebrate the release of the second book.

That’s enough for today…but I promise a busy next couple of weeks with lots more news to come!

4 thoughts on “Novel News Galore

  1. Cheryl, I can’t remember if I ever asked you if you’re on Twitter, but I’m not finding you or a link here to a profile page. I just tweeted about this, but wanted to include your handle in the tweet : /

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