The Wanderers

Wanderers Re-Issue Kindle - SmallGenre: Young Adult Fantasy
Length: 330 pages
Publishing Date: November, 2013
Available as a paperback and on Kindle

Back-of-the-Book Description

Any wandering adventurer hoping to survive needs rules—and Jasper has many.  There’s Rule #2: Never make plans; Rule #20: Never make a Good Fairy angry; and the surprisingly challenging Rule #18: Always travel alone.

The talking cat breaks Rule #18 badly enough.  The witch’s daughter, desperate to escape her horrible mother, is even worse.  Between them, they up-end Jasper’s previously simple life (when all he had to worry about was an occasional giant or dragon), and prove that sometimes, rules are no help at all.

You might recognize the countryside and you may think you know what to expect.  But whether it’s a refined ogre, a youngest son in need of lots of questing help or a very dangerous Good Fairy, things here rarely go quite as the Brothers Grimm would tell it.

You’ve strayed beyond the tales…

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