Saturday Snapshot: Book Spreads

Do you ever spread your books all over the floor, to get a new look at them?  Or a possible photo opp?

Okay, maybe that’s just me.  But at various points I’ve spread out my book collections of three of my favorite authors–and they turned into interesting photos!  In ascending order by number of books…

I have 18 Tamora Pierce books – basically her entire Tortall series (except Mastiff; I’m waiting on the paperback), plus my favorite Magic Circle book.

L. M. Montgomery accounts for 46 volumes of my book collection.  There’s one book of poetry I still need, but other than that, I own, well, everything.  If she wrote it and it’s available, I have it.  I’m kind of a completist…  But you know what’s very frustrating?  I have 199 LMM short stories.  One more would make a round 200, but you can’t get another one anywhere (they exist, but they haven’t been printed).  I live in hope that someday they’ll put out a new collection.

And the biggest collection of all – 54 Edgar Rice Burroughs books.  I’ve added a few since this picture was taken.  Burroughs was extraordinarily prolific, so I still have about twenty left to collect…  Someday I’ll have them all, and then I won’t know what to do with myself in used bookstores!

What authors do you have the most books by?  And have you ever spread them across your floor for a photo…or is that just me? 😉

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15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Book Spreads

  1. mervih

    Great collections! I haven’t photographed my books quite that way but I have taken pictures of my bookshelves and the TBR piles. When I find an author I love, I also tend to get my hands of everything they’ve written.

    I have only four Tarzan books but I have all of the Barsoom books, although mostly in translation and as ebooks, the first three Pellucider books, and a couple of others.

  2. I have never really thought to do this with my collections…your’s look great…however in comparison my collections would look rather pitiful. The author I have the most books by is C S Lewis but that is still only 8 books lol. My Dad’s collection of Stephen King books would look rather impressive though 😛

  3. I love what you did with the faces in that first photo. And am totally jealous of your L.M. Montgomery collection. I bought the first book of journals and have been savoring them (reading a few entries before bed some nights). I plan to purchase the other volumes as I am ready to read them. The author whose books I own the most of though is Anne McCaffrey.

  4. Nice!

    I have 24 books containing J.R.R. Tolkien material (most published posthumously); they take up an entire shelf of my bookshelf, plus a little extra. Never photographed them, though!

  5. timeoftheday

    I’m so jealous of your Tamora Pierce collection! >8D

    Her books are no longer printed in the UK, and so I have to use rubbish e-book versions.

    1. I’m surprised! It seems like she’s been getting more popular in recent years. But maybe that’s just here. No luck hunting for used copies? I remember when I first discovered her books, they were all out of print. I was devastated–used books weren’t so easy to buy before Amazon. So I’m so glad they’ve been reprinted here, and can definitely feel your pain!

      1. timeoftheday

        I don’t know why Tamora Pierce’s books haven’t been reprinted. When she was available in the UK all of her Tortal stuff before the Trickster duo and the first Circle of Magic quartet was printed. But that was over a decade ago.

        She has no UK publisher, but has distribution rights, so everything is imported from US.

        Each book is US version only, and is two or three times the original price… and they’re rarely in stock at all. 😦

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