Saturday Snapshot: Travel Books

I got back last week from my trip to London and Paris 🙂 and still need to do a lot of sorting through my nearly 800 photos!  So rest assured, you’ll be seeing many travel photos in weeks to come…

This week, because I haven’t figured out yet which shot of Admiral Nelson or which angle of the Peter Pan Statue is best, I have something travel-related but different.  I asked blog readers for advice on books for while I traveled, so I thought I ought to share what I ended up reading!

It is SO much fun to sit in Kensington Gardens reading the last chapter of J. M. Barrie’s The Little White Bird or Adventures in Kensington Gardens, or to sit in the lower level of the Paris Opera House reading Susan Kay’s Phantom (while waiting for a tour, I wasn’t just prowling…)

I always try to bring books that will connect me to the cities I’m visiting.  My trips tend to turn into literary pilgrimages to places I’ve read about, so it makes sense to read about the places while I’m there.  Not everything in the stack is set in London or Paris, but Susan Kay’s Phantom was brilliant for setting me in Paris, and all the others are at least British–except The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery which has nothing to do with anything.  But L. M. Montgomery falls into the “don’t leave home without it” category.

And I had a nice time reading Montgomery’s nature poetry while on a boat on the Thames.  So it all worked out.

And these were all good books, most of which I plan to review.  Besides sorting photos, I have lots of book reviews to write…

Come back soon for book reviews and more photos!  In the meantime, check out At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Travel Books

  1. joyweesemoll

    Having just finished posting my Ireland photos, I can now look forward to your travel posts!

    I’m planning a trip to England in about a year, so I’m also taking a good look at these books. Thanks!

  2. Love that idea of choosing the reading matter to be linked with the touring destination! Did you sit near the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens? That’s such a neat statue!

  3. It all sounds very wonderful, I’m so glad you had a good time and got a lot of good reading in. Agatha Christie, on audio, has been a staple for our yearly vacation trips for a while now. Always good stuff. And I really want to read that Montgomery poetry collection. May have to make that my go-to book next April for National Poetry Month.

  4. How fun! I was in Paris last year and stopped by Shakespeare and Co. to pick up a *few* books. I’ve read them all by now and have them on my shelf as reminders of my what a wonderful place that whole city is. I’m looking forward to your pictures!

  5. dianem57

    That’s cool that you bring books relating to your trips along with you. Folks bring travel books, but your idea of bringing books connected to your sight-seeing places is a good one.

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