Blog Hop: Favorite Genre(s)

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: What is your favorite genre? List two of your favorite books in that genre.

Well…I’m pretty sure you all already know the answer to that question!  So to make this more interesting, I’m going to list favorite genreS, and try to find a couple of favorite books in those genres that I may not have mentioned frequently before…

Fantasy: The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint and A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones

Science Fiction: A Fighting Man of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl–and also Star Trek: First Frontier by Diane Carey and Dr. James I. Kirkland and Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

Historical Fiction: Bloody Jack series by L. A. Meyer and The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

Classics: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Whew, it’s harder than I expected to think of third and fourth favorite books–I’m so used to going to the top two for this sort of question!

Your turn: what’s your favorite genre and favorite book within it?  Don’t feel obliged to come up with your third favorite if you’d rather just share #1!

4 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Favorite Genre(s)

  1. I’m a Charles de Lint fan, even though I’ve only read one of his books — “Dreams Underfoot”. That’s all it took for me. Now I want to read ALL of his books! Of course, I want to read “The Blue Girl”, as well!

    I think I read a Burroughts book years ago, but can’t recall the title…maybe it was Ä Princess of Mars”, or something like that.

    And I ADORE Star Trek!!!!! Only the original series, though. I’ll have to look up the book you’ve mentioned.

    I also ADORE “Rebecca”!!!!!! What a book!!!

    As for “Huckleberry Finn”, somehow I haven’t gotten around to that one, but I HAVE read and loved “Tom Sawyer”. So I’ll have to do something about reading “Huckleberry Finn” sometime soon! Lol.

    It seems we have similar literary tastes. How cool is that? HAPPY READING!! : )

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