Weighing Down the Shelves…

Before I get to the actual focus of this post, just a note about novel news!  Last week I told you The Storyteller and Her Sisters was available for pre-order on Kindle.  If Kindle’s not your thing, you can now pre-order other ebook formats through Smashwords!  All ebooks will be delivered, and the paperback will go on sale, on October 10th.

Now on to other business…

I’m really dreadful at keeping up with Top Ten Tuesday (even though it’s such a cool meme!) but every so often I see that they’ve done a neat topic I’d like to write on…so even though it’s Friday, and even though this was the topic for several weeks ago, today I’m going to write about the Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books By.

1) Edgar Rice Burroughs: 56
It helps that he was extremely prolific.  There’s probably still a good 15 books I don’t own.  Though perhaps I should point out, of my 56, 54 of them work with the same two plots: the hero is castaway or the heroine is kidnapped, or both.

2) L. M. Montgomery: 47
You expected this one, right?  That breaks down into 21 novels, 12 collections of short stories (200 total stories), 6 volumes of her journals (7, but one is an abridged version of 2 others), 3 books of letters, 2 books of poetry, 2 collections of early writings, and 1 autobiography.  And…that’s going to stay as-is because there’s nothing else to buy, until someone digs out another archive and publishes something new.  (Though I also have two biographies and two collections of critical essays…)

3) Star Trek books: 36
Many authors, but all one franchise, so let’s count it.

4) L. Frank Baum: 25
14 Oz books account for most of these!

5) Gordon Korman: 20
The Terry Pratchett of my childhood, he wrote a LOT of hilarious books for kids.  I bought up a lot when I was young, and have been slowly filling in the gaps–my favorites are from the ’80s and ’90s; eventually I’ll have all his books from that era.

6) William Shakespeare: 19
17 plays, one book of sonnets, and one Complete Works (representing all 37 plays).  I recommend Folger Shakespeare Library; most of mine are Folger, and they have the best footnotes.

7) Tamora Pierce: 18
I own all of her Tortall books (except the most recent–must get on that!), and just my one favorite installment from her Circle series.

8) Terry Pratchett: 11
I own all but the most recent of the City Guard subseries, and a few scattered others–I almost forgot to count Maskerade, since I shelve it with my Phantom books!

9) Anne McCaffrey: 9
Once upon a time I probably owned double this in Pern books–but I did a purge at some point that…still left me with 9…

10…is a tie:  O. Henry, Lois Lowry, J. K. Rowling, Patricia C. Wrede and Diana Wynne Jones all come in with 8 books.

Since we’re doing math today: the top 9 come out to 241 total, with another 40 from my ties at #10.  That means my top 14 authors account for almost half of my book collection, which hovers around 600 (I think…haven’t counted recently).  And this is how I get to 600 books even though I swear I only buy books and authors I really love!

Your turn!  Who do you own the most books by?  Don’t feel obligated to provide an exact number. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Weighing Down the Shelves…

  1. Dennis

    Looking at my C.S. Lewis collection, the Narnia series counts for 7 and the space trilogy is another 3. Add to that a collection of fragments (novels he started but never finished) and practically all of his non-fiction works, and Lewis would have to top my list.

  2. Wow that is a lot of books! I don’t own that sort of amount but the authors I do own the most from would have to be first C S Lewis, then J K Rowling and then equal amounts of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. I also have the full set (to date) of George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series however I haven’t read all of these yet.

  3. I am planning on do this post as well; I am even more behind than you. For me Pratchett owns the list; I have all Discworld but his last two in paperback and several in hardback as well, plus the diggers trilogy.

    I also cleared out a few Pern books in a purge at one point, keeping through All the Wyers.

  4. dianem57

    WOW!! I don’t think I own more than about six books from any author. You have so many. I’m impressed with the total number in your library. But then, I’m not a “saver” of most books. I read them, enjoy most of them, but then pass them on to someone else to read. 🙂

    1. The funny thing is, I pass most of my books on too…back to the library! But once I decide to keep a book, I *keep* it. So I’ve been slowly building the collection for my whole life, and I think almost all the books I bought in the last fifteen years, I still have.

  5. At a rough count, Diana Wynne Jones 33, Ursula Le Guin 14, and Joan Aiken 26, are my most represented authors — others only come in at under ten in number. Nothing as impressive as your tallies, though, but at least my 1500 tops your 600 titles!

  6. Yay, books! Here’s guessing at what I have most of, without actually counting: nearly complete Anne McCaffrey, L.M. Montgomery, and Arthur Ransome collections are still at my parents’, not on my shelves at all. I have large collections of Robin McKinley, Madeleine L’Engle, J.K. Rowling (double copies of the first half of the series – U.S. and U.K. editions), and Sarah Zettel. I’m working on building up my Maggie Stiefvater books, too. My love collects Steven Brust, Patrick O’Brian, Tony Moore and Atomic Robo (the graphic novel series). My children’s most-collected author seems to be Mary Pope Osborne, though I’m not sure that obsession will last forever.

      1. I’ve reviewed several of her books on my blog! I might not have discovered her if she hadn’t gone to college with my husband, but she’s now one of my favorite authors in her own right, with books ranging from hard sf to Arthurian romance to her newer YA fantasy series.

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