Blog Hop: A Belated Bookish Halloween

book blogger hopThis was actually the Book Blogger Hop question a couple weeks ago, the same Friday my novel came out, but I was a little busy that day… 🙂  So I’m posting it this week instead leading up to Halloween, because I like the question!

You’re having a costume party with the theme “Book Characters.” Who would you go as?

September, from the Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland series! I actually did dress up as September one Halloween, in her orange dress, green coat (which I still have and still think of as the Coat of the Green Wind) and autumn leaves in my hair—because of the scene when September turns into an autumn tree. Absolutely no one recognized the costume, but I had fun with it!

I might also like to be Beauty from Rose-Daughter, if I could come up with something fun with roses—fake ones twined around my arms, perhaps.

I’ve also thought about being Susan, Death’s granddaughter from Discworld. I’d just need the right wig (white with a black streak), a dramatic black cloak, and a fireplace poker.

The challenge, I discovered when I was trying to come up with a bookish costume and landed on September, is that too many of my favorite characters simply don’t have distinctive enough appearances! Short of finding armor (and a red wig), I wouldn’t know how to dress up as Alanna from the Song of the Lioness.

Have you ever dressed up in a bookish costume? Or is there one you’d love to try?

One thought on “Blog Hop: A Belated Bookish Halloween

  1. dianem57

    Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind – haven’t done it, but might like to try it. I once owned a bridesmaid’s dress that was actually in the style of what they wore in the movie, without the hoop in the skirt. Could’ve worn that if the timing for Halloween was right. That dress was truly terrible. 🙂

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