Blog Hop: Stacking the Books High

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Name an author or authors that you have read most of his or her books and would recommend to others.

There are loads of authors I would recommend, so I thought I’d focus in on which authors I’ve read the most by…

I think we all know I’ve read everything by L.M. Montgomery, and I would recommend her–provided you like beautiful pastoral stories with real emotion but not much action.

I’ve read 52 novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and would recommend him if you like old style science fiction with plenty of action, albeit not much in the way of character depth.  Also, all but two of those novels had a plot centered around a kidnapping or a castaway (or both), so you have to be on board for that too…

I’ve read most of Diana Wynne Jones (28 books), nearly all of Robin McKinley (14 books) and Gail Carson Levine (15 books), and all of Tamora Pierce (28 books).  I recommend all of them to lovers of fantasy, especially if you like strong heroines.

I’ve read 32 of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, and five others by him.  None of the others were as good as Discworld, but Discworld is brilliant.  When I describe Maskerade as the funniest Discworld book, there is no higher compliment to pay for a funny book.

As you can see, when I find an author I like, I read them!  My top choice for future “read most of their canon” authors is Anne Ursu, who I only encountered recently but I have swiftly gone on to read two more books–and expect to continue!

What authors have you read many books by?  I’d love to hear the recommendations!

About cherylmahoney

I'm a book review blogger and Fantasy writer. I have published three novels, The Wanderers; The Storyteller and Her Sisters; and The People the Fairies Forget. All can be found on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. In my day job, I'm the Marketing Specialist for Yolo Hospice. Find me on Twitter (@MarvelousTales) and GoodReads (MarvelousTales).
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4 Responses to Blog Hop: Stacking the Books High

  1. Jemima Pett says:

    Ooh, I’m a series freak too. Must get back to doing this meme!

  2. I am also aiming to read all Terry Pratchett’s books, although I haven’t read anywhere near how many you have yet 😀

  3. dianem57 says:

    I’ve read all seven of the books in Elswyth Thane’s Williamsburg series and own them all. They cover the intertwined lives of several families in Virginia (Williamsburg) and England from the American Revolution through WWII. The first two books are the best, though. I’ve also read all of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove books about life in a fictional small town in the Pacific Northwest. Those were enjoyable light reading, but I bought them on my Kindle.

  4. Karen says:

    Oh, great. Now I feel compelled to go home and count the books I’ve read by my favorite authors. 🙂

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