Blog Hop: What Has Been Written…

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: Do you ever go back to older posts and change things?

Basically, no.  I only rarely look back at older posts, and when I do it’s to read, not revise.  If I notice a clear typo, I might correct that (if it’s a moment when I have time and easy means to do so!) but that’s really just changing it to what my original intent was.  I don’t change actual content.

I sometimes read a post and think I’d write it differently now…but while this is a chronicle of reading, within that category it is a bit journal-like, and I’m nearly compulsive about not changing journals at a later time (because then it’s not an accurate record of its original time!)

Once in a while I’ll do a Classic Post, putting an old review up again, but I don’t generally change things even then.  I think I’ve occasionally taken something out, if  a paragraph was really only relevant at the time (maybe it was more about blog business than the actual book, for example).  I add things, but only as an introduction before the post proper.  So what I have written, I have written!

Do you make revisions on old posts?  Or are they a kind of historical record that you leave intact?

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: What Has Been Written…

  1. No, I don’t revise old posts. On the rare occasion of visiting one and really reading it I might change a typo, but only if I’m logged in (and I’m usually looking for a Flashback Friday post so I may not even do that unless I remember later.)
    If it’s something earlier in the month, that’s different. I seem incapable of spotting typos until they are published.
    And if I’m republishing one as a Flashback Friday I *may* tweak it, but only if it doesn’t really make sense.
    And if you want to know about Flashback Friday, click here!

  2. No on making revisions, but I do enjoy seeing the improvement I have made in posts and reviews.

    I laugh at some of my earlier reviews. 🙂

    If I do look, it is only on a rare occasion and only change things if I happen upon a grammatical error or typo. No sense taking time to change something that was already done and viewed and something not too many people will revisit. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have you added your link to the Blog Hop so others can find you?

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