Blog Hop: Storytellers in Person

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: What authors have you met in-person?

Very few, I’m afraid!  In college Tomie de Paola was doing a presentation and signing, and I got his signature on a copy of The Art Lesson, my favorite of his books.  A few years ago Gretchen Rubin came to town on tour for her book Better Than Before.  I went with my mom and we both got signatures in our books, and a photo with her.  I told her I frequently quote her to myself. J

I also have many author friends, happily: A. G. Stewart, K.D. Blakely, R.A. Gates, and Kelly Haworth, among others.  And that’s even better, because you can discuss stories and swap advice!

I’ve written before about the authors I’d love to meet—though some, alas, would require a TARDIS!

5 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Storytellers in Person

  1. Ah, okay, so I’m answering the authors met in person version 🙂 I’ve met Elly Griffiths a couple of times, gushingly enthusiastic, but she still signs books for me! I go to our local crime writing festival and spring arts festival, so I’ve met a few of the authors there, although I didn’t have the courage to wait to see Val McDermid, who I admire, but she scares me. There’s one author whose book I got at one of these who appeared to be extremely rude to me when she sat next to my chair (with my things on it) while I got coffee. I’m afraid I’m not going to read her book, or any others I see, since I thought her comments extremely uncalled-for.
    And of course I ‘know’ a lot of authors worldwide and exchange views and do projects with them, but we’re unlikely ever to meet, sadly 😦

  2. dianem57

    The only one I can think of, that I believe has been banned in some places, is “Huckleberry Finn.” Living in California, where anything goes (and has for a LONG time), I don’t have any experience with banned books. In college I had a friend who went away to school in Utah and wrote me that Judy Blume’s books for teenagers were under lock and key at the local library in the town where she was living. I guess they could be checked out if one asked for them, but they weren’t shelved openly for anyone to pick up. I was shocked by that.

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