Blog Hop: Walking in a Character’s Shoes…

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: If you could take the place of any fictional character, who would it be and why?

This is a rather intriguing question…I assume this would be for a brief visit, and I assume I’m still me but occupying the role of a fictional character, with the other characters not seeing anything strange.  So!  With those parameters in mind…

The first one to come to mind is Dr. Watson.  I don’t think I could be Sherlock Holmes, and besides, I’d want to meet Holmes, so it would be better to have Watson’s role.  As long as medical knowledge wasn’t called for to help solve the case, I think I could be a decent Watson–even though I’m more squeamish than he is!

I definitely couldn’t be Anne of Green Gables, but it would be nice to try being her friend Diana Barry for a bit.  Or it might actually be more fun to be Ilse, friend of Emily of New Moon.  I like Emily a lot, and Ilse can get away with wild statements and flights of passion that, while not really me, might be fun for a change!

I always wanted to visit the Harper Hall in Pern, and though I’ve developed reservations about parts of that series, I still love the Harper Hall trilogy.  I’d like to be Menolly, especially if I could be her for the day of the Gathering in the second book–not so much some of her other days!  And this would only work if I somehow got her musical expertise while I was in her role…

I think it would be rather frustrating to be Bronte’s Jane Eyre, or to be most of Austen’s heroines–but I’d be willing to be Catherine Morland, if I had a good opportunity to see the delightful Mr. Tilney!

I’d like to visit Discworld, I think, but I can’t come up with a character to replace–they’re all so bold and complete unto themselves, I couldn’t fill anybody’s shoes.  Likewise, I’d like to visit the Enterprise (Kirk’s Enterprise) but I think I’d have to be replacing a random lieutenant so that I could meet all those wonderful regular cast characters.  As long as I could replace one from the science or medical department, who is not wearing red (!) that might work out.

So many places to go and people to meet!  What fictional character would you be interested in replacing?

One thought on “Blog Hop: Walking in a Character’s Shoes…

  1. Karen Blakely

    Assuming the parameters you stated, I want to be one of Dr Who’s companions (even though that’s cheating since they aren’t book based)!!!
    Hermione would be interesting I think. Or to be Chosen by a Companion in a Valdemar novel (Mercedes Lackey).
    Hmmmm… There’s too many to choose.

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