Blog Hop: Friendly Characters and Character Friends

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Which character in a book do you most see yourself as? If none, who would you think would be your best friend in real life?

I’ve always felt some commonality with Emily of New Moon, with her love of books and dreams of writing. And the more I read by, and about, L. M. Montgomery, the more I think I’d love to be friends with her. She’d be my first stop if I had a TARDIS—Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, June of 1908 (I’ve thought about this…)

I’d also love to be friends with September from the Fairyland series, so brave and loyal. I like reading about Jacky Faber, but I think she’d drive me up the wall if I actually knew her (as she says, she is so very hard on her friends), and I’d really rather be friends with her BFF, Amy. I’d also quite like to make friends with the kindly old gentleman of The Little White Bird, which is just another way of saying I’d like to be friends with J. M. Barrie. And I’m very fond of Menolly of the Harper Hall Trilogy and her fire lizards, and Arrietty of the Borrowers books, and oh, so many, many characters! Characters are largely why I read. 🙂

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