The Servants and the Beast

This collaboratively-written novella retells the story of Beauty and the Beast, with several twists.  The authors also wrote a special epilogue for Christmas.

The Servants and the Beast
Publication date: June, 2019
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You think you know the story – prince gets cursed, girl meets Beast, they fall in love and live happily ever after. If only it was that simple. But dating is tough even in the best of circumstances.

Ever since the fateful day when we let that horrible Good Fairy into the castle, our lives have been on hold. When she turned our bad-tempered prince into a Beast, she lumped us, his loyal servants, into the curse too, just because she assumed his rude behavior was our fault. Theodore the butler should never have let her inside, and the rest of us should have helped bar the door.

Now Theodore is an armchair, and we’re all trying to carry on our duties as a piano, a coat rack, a bookcase and the like. At least we have Robert to clean up the pink sparkles piling in the corners from the Good Fairy’s curse, since he’s a mop now. We know we just need the Beast to fall in love to break the spell. We’re all doing whatever we can to help him find True Love, one visitor at a time, hoping the right person finally comes along–but will the Beast ever learn to love?

Epilogue: After the Sparkles Settled
Publication date: December, 2019
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The five authors who collaborated for The Servants and the Beast have come together again to bring you this very special Christmas tale, looking in on the characters at the castle several months after the curse was lifted. As they celebrate the holidays, you can find out what’s happened to your favorite characters. Is Hugo finally courting Isadora? Has Quillsby learned to keep a secret? Will Robert propose to Lady Jayne–or Charles to Frostine? And how are Estienne and Beau doing, now that the Beast is a Prince again? Enjoy this Christmas epilogue to The Servants and the Beast.