Beyond the Tales

Beyond the Tales is a Young Adult Fantasy series, inspired by fairy tales.  Click on each book cover to learn more.

Wanderers Re-Issue Kindle - SmallThe Wanderers
Publishing Date: November, 2013
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A wandering adventurer, a witch’s daughter, and a talking cat – what could go wrong?  With damsels to rescue, monsters to fight and Good Fairies to avoid at all costs, you’ll recognize elements of a number of fairy tales as Jasper, Julie and Tom set off down the road.

Storyteller Cover Kindle - SmallThe Storyteller and Her Sisters
Publishing Date: October, 2014
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A retelling of the Brothers Grimm story, “The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces,” the twelve princesses tell their own story here–about defying their father, who hopes to marry them off to successful champions or behead the ones who fail, in order to rescue twelve cursed princes.

PFF Orange Grove Cover - SmallThe People the Fairies Forget
Publishing Date: October, 2015
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Let Tarragon, an unusual fairy, lead you through some familiar fairy tales–and introduce you to some characters you may not have noticed.  Like the servants who fall asleep in the castle when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger, or the young woman who fits into Cinderella’s slipper but doesn’t want to marry the prince.

Lioness Cover - SmallThe Lioness and the Spellspinners
Publishing Date: October, 2016
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A brooding heroine with a dark past finds herself trapped on an island where she finds the locals suspiciously friendly–and their talk of magical knitting doesn’t reassure her.

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