Coming Attractions (Or, Squee!)

I don’t usually post about what I’m planning to post about…but I have so many exciting books stacked up right now, that I can’t resist sharing. 🙂  All of these had staggered release dates, but somehow they’ve managed to land on me all at once!

Coming AttractionsThe earliest by far release date, Sons from Afar by Cynthia Voigt, was published in 1987…but I’m really into my reread of the Tillerman Cycle, and so was eager to dive into Book #6.  That bookmark ribbon is sticking out of this one, partially because it arrived slightly ahead of the others, but also because I was eager.

The Martian by Andy Weir is a sci fi book that a good friend basically campaigned for at our last book club meeting (and won, although she’d convinced me to read it even if the group didn’t choose it).  If the wisdom of the crowd counts for anything, this came out last October but the library still has 50 holds on it.  I had to wait six weeks for it!

Unbound by Jim C. Hines is the third book in the Libriomancer trilogy, which I eagerly waited…and waited…and waited for to arrive in the library’s catalog.  It came out early January, and when it still wasn’t listed by the end of the month, I clicked the button to “suggest a book” and made sure to mention that this series has a librarian as a hero.  I got a nice note back saying they’d make a purchase–and in fact, they bought five copies.  You’re welcome, Mr. Hines. 🙂

Dearest by Alethea Kontis is the third book in the Woodcutter Sisters series (preceded by Enchanted and Hero), the series that goes out of its way to cram as many fairy tales as possible (!) into one book.  I like this series but am not nearly as wild about it as I am the others, so I might actually wait on this one until the Once Upon a Time challenge, especially if the library starts demanding it back before I get to it.  When I put it on reserve, I didn’t know everything else would arrive at the same time.

Smek for President by Adam Rex came out mid-February and I was kind of blase about it…until I reread the first book, remembered how really wonderful it is, and now I hope the sequel lives up to it!  I had this one on reserve a few weeks before it came out, and the library somehow got it to me a day before it was officially released.  I…don’t understand, but I’m happy!

And last but also greatest, The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland by Catherynne M. Valente, which I have been looking forward to rereading ever since I was reading it the first time.  And it’s also standing in here for the long (LONG) awaited Fairyland 4, The Boy Who Lost Fairyland, which will finally be out on March 3rd.  It probably says something that all these other books have library stickers on them, but I pre-ordered The Boy Who Lost Fairyland six weeks ago…

So I’m happy to have so many exciting books, but also rather torn.  Because I desperately want to…


All at once.  And that’s not really going to work.  🙂  So don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here shuffling books around and making choices…and hopefully, reviewing soon too!

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