Blog Hop: Luncheon for Two

book-blogger-hop-finalToday’s Book Blogger Hop question is: If you could have lunch with any living authors and/or book bloggers, who would you choose and why?

Meeting with authors is always an intriguing question, and slightly complicated when I try to be realistic about who I would really enjoy meeting over lunch, and who I would be terribly intimidated by.  I’d love to have lunch with Geraldine McCaughrean, who seems especially friendly and who I could talk with about Peter Pan and Kensington Gardens.  I’d love to meet Tamora Pierce, but I’m not sure if I wouldn’t be a bit terrified to actually have lunch–and I know I’d be terrified of Robin McKinley, who is amazing but also distinctly intimidating. Gail Carson Levine, on the other hand, seems very approachable and I’d love to chat with her–but I probably wouldn’t work up the nerve to ask what she really thought of the movie version of Ella Enchanted.

Technically Michael Crawford is an author by way of an autobiography, but I never wanted to meet him, just to hear him sing live (accomplished!)  I think I’d have a wonderful time with Gretchen Rubin, my happiness guru who I so often identify with.  I’d be pretty intimidated to meet with Brene Brown–but if ever there was an author I could just outright say, “sorry, I’m feeling really vulnerable right now” and expect her to understand–well, that’s the one.

As for book bloggers…of course I’d love to meet all you lovely people who read my blog and write your own, who welcome me into your online homes to promote my books and who leave such nice comments here.  I think we’d have a delightful lunch, and none of you seem too frightening! 😉

Who would you like to have lunch with, among favorite authors and bloggers?


2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Luncheon for Two

  1. I think I’d most have lunch with those authors I’ve collaborated with, and who help me out in all sorts of ways, all by email. Hawaii might be a good venue… or the Galapagos. Somewhere between the UK and Australia, UAE and California, anyway!

  2. Karen Blakely

    Good question. There are many, but I think for now I’ll pick Diana Gabaldon, JK Rowling, and/or the ghost of Mary Stewart. 😊

    Of course, all 3 would be a bit intimidating (in different ways), but I’d be willing to suck it up!!

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