Final Cover!

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who offered feedback on my cover design last week!  I wish I could follow all of your insightful advice…but since some of you contradicted each other, it’s impossible. 🙂  However, I listened and considered what everyone said, second-, third- and fourth-guessed everything, and finally landed on my final cover…

Wanderers 8 - Small CopyThank you again for all your suggestions, and I’ve no doubt Tom–“the cat” of the cover–would be delighted to have been the subject of so much discussion.  Even though I’m also sure he feels no need for debate on how prominent his picture should be!

4 thoughts on “Final Cover!

  1. Brian Joseph

    As someone who loves cats I find this cover striking.

    Tom looks to be the possessor of some deep and untold wisdom in the picture.

  2. dianem57

    Looks good! You moved the cat over a little bit more between the center and the right, but didn’t place him dead-center. That will work.

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