Accompaniment Count-Down: 4 Days

Accompaniment, the second book in my Guardian of the Opera trilogy, will be out this Friday, September 4th!  I’m counting down this week with a new quote each day.

As the sequel opens, Meg and Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, are making tentative movements towards friendship.  Madame Giry, while not exactly forbidding the idea, wants Erik to be very, very clear that he should not do anything to hurt her daughter.  Leading to today’s quote.

Catch up on the story by reading Book One, Nocturne, and the special prequel short story collection, OvertureAnd get your copy of Accompaniment on September 4th!

2 thoughts on “Accompaniment Count-Down: 4 Days

  1. Tiffany

    Yay! I can’t wait! Congratulation again:) All of your books (and continuing are quite the accomplishment). This quote is captivating and it thought provoking.

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