Entr’acte Count-Down: 6 Days

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m celebrating the holiday today, and also counting down to my newest book, which will be out on December 1st. Entr’acte is a collection of bonus material connected to my Guardian of the Opera series. Plus, I’m putting out a paperback combining Entr’acte, The Confessions of Christine Daae, and Overture.

Today, I’m sharing a quote from a bonus scene included in Entr’acte. It was my favorite scene from a version of the story I wrote when I was 18, which didn’t make it back into the final form.  It wasn’t the right tone for the new version, but I think you’ll still enjoy reading about Erik and Meg ice-skating on the underground lake!

Look for Entr’acte and the combined collection on December 1 – and you can pre-order today!

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