Blog Hop: Judging By Covers

book blogger hopThis week’s Book Blogger Hop question: Do covers pull you in?

Definitely!  I don’t agree with the old cliche about not judging a book by its cover.  Yes, in principle, sometimes good books have terrible covers (and terrible books have good covers), but more often than not, a cover at the least reflects the style of a book.  I don’t expect a cover to necessarily tell me if I will like a book–but I do tend to judge whether it’s in a genre I might like by the cover.

Covers make less of a difference now, when I mostly find new books based on other blogs’ reviews.  When I found most books by browsing at the library, covers were huge.  I’d see interesting titles (and sometimes judge by the font of the spine!) then look at the cover–and very often never open the book because the cover would be enough to clarify that this was not what I was looking for.  Like…to invent a title, say I saw a book called The Time of Stars.  Could be sci fi, maybe fantasy, so I’d pull it from the shelf.  And if the cover showed a teenage girl with an iPod, or maybe someone walking on a red carpet (you know, celebrity stars!) then that’s a no.

So much for covers dissuading me–for pulling me in, well, I do have a weakness for covers with girls in sweeping dresses, or girls staring defiantly at the viewer.  And dragons are always a good sign.  Or cats.

Do covers pull you in?  What cover features will grab your interest?

14 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Judging By Covers

  1. Oh, Cheryl, I am SUCH a cover lover! Unless I’m doing research or a book was recommended, I won’t pick up a book that doesn’t have an appealing cover and title and subject matter I’m drawn to. Yes, it can help us know the genre, but if it’s done well, it should be able to hint at the voice of the book, too. Sometimes I simply love the artwork. It’s my thing 🙂

    1. Sometimes covers hint at the voice of the book…I find that a little more iffy, though. I’ve seen too many books (especially paperbacks) where the cover style really doesn’t reflect the book’s style. I bet it drives authors crazy!

  2. Covers are definitely an aspect of the sensual pleasures books bring which Kindles and readers lack. I don’t care what’s on the cover particularly but to me it has to have some aesthetic appeal and also be true to the book’s contents.

  3. dianem57

    Interesting question. I’d say it matters much less in the age of e-readers. I’ve bought many books on Amazon based on a recommendation or review without ever seeing the cover other than when I purchased the book. I didn’t browse to examine books and choose it partially by its cover. On the other hand, despite e-books being downloaded and totally digital, they are stored on the e-reader with their covers displayed, so that is still apparently seen as an important part of the reading experience, even in the digital age.

    1. Covers are definitely still part of ebooks (and online bookstores) but it will be interesting to see how that evolves as reading formats evolve. Maybe eventually we’ll have active (or interactive!) digital covers…

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