Writing Wednesday: Plans Abound

I finished (!) my big, complicated revision pass through Guardian III last week, and started again the next day in Chapter One.  Happily, this simpler revision pass is going even faster than I expected—always a pleasant surprise when that happens.

My goal was to finish revisions to prepare the book for beta-readers by the end of this weekend.  The tight timeline seemed doable originally because I am going on the Stonehenge Circle Writers annual retreat this weekend.  We get together Thursday to Sunday, do writing workshops and spend a lot of time writing.

Now that Guardian III is going even faster than I expected, I’ve started thinking about other projects to work on during the retreat.  I have an…ambitious list.

1) Finish revising Guardian III for beta-readers
2) Guardian II revisions based on second-round beta reader feedback
3) Guardian I revisions based on read-aloud review
4) First-round revisions for Thorns I, Part Two
5) Beta-read a friend’s novel (due by mid-October)
6) NaNoWriMo prep for Thorns I, Part Three
7) Continue drafting short stories for planned “Bookstore Anthology”
8) Stonehenge Circle Writers’ biweekly blog prompt short story

I know I won’t do ALL of it…but it’s nice to have plans!  Realistically, I’ll be happy if I complete 1 and start 2, I’ll probably do some of 5 for a change of pace, and I may do some work on 7 or 8 as a different kind of change of pace.  We’ll see what develops.

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