Catching-Up + A Small Favor Request

So it’s been a little quiet around here recently…! I put Accompaniment out, and got promptly distracted by the rest of life. Good things going on, but I’m hoping to get back to a more regular schedule around here too. I’ve been reading a lot with a few books I hope to review soon, and I’m moving ahead with a couple new writing projects: I’m putting together a companion book of essays and bonus material to my Guardian series that I plan to put out in 2021, not to mention finishing up the final edits for Book 3, due out in December!

In another fun thing, my book cover from Nocturne is up for Cover of the Month at AllAuthor. The public gets to vote on best covers to move it up through the elimination rounds, so if you can take a moment to go cast a vote I’d love that!

Here’s the link to the voting page. It’s possible to vote at first without creating an account, though eventually that option will go away. Whatever you can do to help boost my cover will be so appreciated! And I’ll be sure to tell you if I win 😉

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