Saturday Snapshot: Book Delight

I don’t usually post pictures of books for Saturday Snapshot (seeing as I do that all week…) but this week I couldn’t resist.  I had a new arrival in the mailbox that has me thrilled to pieces.

LM Montgomery (1)I’ve been wanting to read a really good, in-depth biography of L. M. Montgomery for years, and I finally decided to buy Mary Rubio’s Gift of Wings…which weighs in at some 750 pages!  But I need something that long, if I want it to tell me anything that I haven’t already read in the thousands of pages of Montgomery’s journal…

LM Montgomery (3)After you’ve read that much about one person, you get sort of invested (obsessed?)…and want to know more.  At least, I do!  And while I haven’t started reading the biography yet, I’m taking this picture at the front as a good sign…

LM Montgomery (2)The book opens with a picture of Montgomery I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen–and to be honest, I don’t think there’s all that many of those left!

I’m not exactly recommending any of these books, unless you really like L. M. Montgomery (and possibly not even then…)  It all makes me think that writing isn’t intrinsically interesting or boring (maybe some is), but rather, something is interesting if we’re interested by it.  Circular?  Probably.  All I know is that I balk at 500 page fiction books, even in fantasy, a genre I love…but I’m delighted by the prospect of a 750 page, non-fiction biography about a woman who lived in Canada a hundred years ago.  Oh, and wrote a little book called Anne of Green Gables, followed by some twenty others.

Well, enough ruminations for Saturday morning!  Have a lovely weekend, and visit At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Book Delight

  1. That is a really great collection of books — and I like to see this kind of “obsession” with reading about the lives of great people — in this case, Canada’s most FAMOUS author for sure!

  2. Your passion for LM Montgomery is admirable. I’ve recently started reading about Joan of Arc, reading progressively longer books, although I know I’d still be daunted by 750 pages about Joan, I’m daunted by 750 pages about anything. I hope it has the new information your looking for, it has a lovely picture of her to start.

  3. I used to adore really long books, but not so much anymore! But, as you say, if the topic is really interesting, it won’t seem like such a lengthy book. Love the photos…and want to know more about this author.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. dianem57

    Seems like you found what you’re looking for in term of an in-depth biography of your favorite author. Happy reading! 😊

  5. That does look like a good read. I may recommend it to my sister, who did I think believe she was Anne of Green Gables for a while when we were growing up. She had long red hair, which she wore in plaits, with a straw hat.

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